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Artful Blogger...

What are you thinking?

I will be conducting a weekly Art related topic where I will introduce an issue to be discussed, offer my opinion, then direct it to you for a response. 


Being an artist poses a lot of issues and questions...


How do I create art to start a business?  How do I deal with the challenges we all face while trying to stay motivated?  How do I become a productive artist?  Where does inspiration come from?


We all need a creative muse!  Inspiration comes from everywhere. There is no definitive answer here. Whatever creates an emotion is a source of inspiration. I keep a file filled with pictures, quotes or just about whatever pleases me. You, on the other hand, are your own master of inspiration.


I often write things down when I see something, so my suggestion here, is to make your own journal and work with it to fit your needs.

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