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Hand Painted Photo Canvas:


8" X 10" -  $100.00  

11" x 14" - $150.00  

16" X 20" - $225.00               

(includes, printing cost, and shipping fees.)   


These are samples of the work I do.  The photo is printed on canvas, then I hand paint over the print using acrylics and my creative interpretation. Years ago, before color photography, people would have their photos hand colored. This makes a beautiful and very personal touch to the print.  


The service offered entails:


step 1) you select & email me a personal photo of choice 

step 2) I take care of the rest.


* Please note, the photo must be a good, clear image (Hi-res., 300dpi minimum) as it can get distorted when enlarging it

Hand Painted Photo Canvas

  • 30-day (from delivery date), full refund policy, if customer is not satisfied with the final product.  Customer pays for return shipping.

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