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Upcoming Classes

An updated message from Camille (07/28/21):

I will be teaching classes in my Asheville Studio and through Zoom. We're currently resuming a regular in-person schedule as well as Zoom options:


1) In-person Classes: 4 week sessions, 1x/per week, 2 hours/per class

2) In-person Workshops: 1 day / 3 hour sessions


3) Zoom classes : 4 week sessions, as well as a 1 day workshop to meet digitally 1x/per week (day & time TBD; will be listed on this site)


* Please note, no experience necessary / all levels welcome! 


The day, time and fee will also be listed once classes can run.  Please check back, in the near future to book your spot.

I will also be offering a “ Fun Night Out” art experience for groups.  Bring your friends, beverage of choice and snacks to enjoy while creating your project.  2.5 hour classes (day or night will be determined). $30.00 per person (all materials will be included).


Each class will start with a demonstration of media, how to use the brushes and an example of the finished piece. Different techniques will be explored from Realism to Abstract. Questions are always welcome, as well as, time to share your work. Each project is designed to finish in one class so you will have 4 completed pieces of art at the end of each session. 

It's time to create, try new projects and never stop challenging yourself! 

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